Faces Project

Panorama of the Faces Exhibit at the Emporia Arts Council

Prints from the “Faces” project were exhibited at the Emporia Arts Council in March of 2018 and at the Lee Dam Center for Fine Art in April 2021.

Artist statement:

“‘Faces’ is my name for a group of portraits I’ve been working on for several years,” Leiker said. “It’s basically come-as-you-are style portraits, casual dress and feel, simple backgrounds, but accomplished with attention to good lighting. That, paired with a preference for direct eye contact, helped created a series of artful portraits with an especially strong feeling of ‘presence.’ My hope is that it helps deepen a sense of kinship with each other, and connection.”

Faces Exhibit panorama

Portraits: Human 1 | Human 2 | Human 3 | Human 4 | Humans 5