Flint Hills Ranching & Cowboys

Ryan Arndt feeds the horses as winter blankets his ranch.

Winter Ranching

Follow along with Flint Hills rancher, Ryan Arndt, tends to cattle and horses and winter blankets his land.

Photos of horses tied near barn

Branding Day at the Sauble Ranch

It’s always a work day at Kansas’ longest continually operating ranch near Cedar Point, Kansas

Cowboys move the herd toward the Bazaar cattle pens as fog lifts.

Foggy Morning Cattle Drive

Ride along as cowboys drive cattle across a fog-wrapped Flint Hills landscape toward the Bazaar cattle pens.

Cowboys driving cattle through a gate

Winter Cattle Work at the Sauble Ranch

The Sauble Ranch is located in Chase County, southwest of Cedar Point. Established 160 yeras ago, it is probably the oldest continuously operated ranch in the state.

Crew: Dennis Hague, Susan Hague, Brad Morgan, Ethan Wessel, Chuck McLinden, Jerret McLinden, Mike Ingalls and Scott Dawson.