Prairie Soft Light Studies

A bend in Crocker Creek with autumn colors, locust tree and snowmelt.
A bend in Crocker Creek with autumn colors, locust tree and snowmelt.
A study of the sensual forms of ripe wheat heads
Sunflowers and smooth brome native grasses at sunset
Sunrise view the Flint Hills at Texaco Hill
A fall-colored patch of wetland plants and waterway at a foggy Burgess Marsh, near Hartford, KS.
Monochromatic-blue study of a leaf and branch with dew drops
Winter study of a century old native stone chicken coop
Sky reflections and green water-plants in a prairie stream
Lily blossoms with arrowhead plant and clouds reflected.
A monochromatic study of grass seed heads against an out-of-focus background.
Remnants of an old bridge ending at edge of a frozen lake.
Winter-colored tree and wild brush beside creek
Blue and gold colored sunset over dark horizon
Glowing storm clouds tower over Flint Hills grass and cattle
Light gold and green leaves capture late afternoon light
Monochromatic study of Storm with lone tree and grassland
Study of blue leaf frozen in ice
Winter study of a fish feeder on a frozen lake
Mixed native grasses with light from evening sun
Wind-blurred study of black-eyed susan wildflowers
Winter study of trees in a foggy mix of evening blue and artificial light
Bare tree lined with frost, frozen lake in the background
A rabbit sits on a mown walking path through wild prairie foilage.
Back-lit monochromatic study of willow tree forms
Back-lit monochromatic study of willow tree forms
Shoreline autumn study of the Sundance  shoreline at Melvern Lake.
A flooded farm field reflects another approaching rain storm.
Monochromatic study of branch and leaf reflections in water
Warm-tone study of grass with setting sun refraction
Winter-colored study of broken tree trunk and chaotic ground cover.
Wild vines and glowing background colors near a decaying outbuilding
Summer tree with thick vine
Fallen branches and late-season leaves
A warm/cool study of fallen leaves lined with winter frost.
Snowy portrait of the now-demolished Liberty Hall in Lyon County.
Multi-perspective composite image of woody grove on a pasture.
Curved rows of wheat with bachelor button wildflowers between the rows.
Curved rows of wheat with bachelor button wildflowers between the rows.
Rose-colored Crabapple Branch in Evening Light
High-key study of a magnolia blossom in the rain.
Remains of a  red stone outbuilding during a prairie rain.
Multi-colored September Switchgrass Textures
A rustic farm shed with rusty roof and tin-clad walls.
Slow-motion study of waterfall on limestone boulders
Reflections of the Drinkwater-Shriver Mill in rippled water
Black and white study of lotus leaves on pond surface
The sun leaps over the horizon in the morning.
Massive Roots beside a small stream
Autumn color foliage with tree and vines
A hazy sun sets behind prairie burn-charred Flint Hills
Study of silhouetted tree and summer leaves
A layered composition with forest shapes
Ducks float in a misty marsh landscape