In Black and White

A view over a pile of driftwood logs toward the Drinkwater Shriver mill at Cedar Point.
Limestone-capped hills lead toward threatening skies
A lone bike rider crests a hill. A massive cloud structure rises in the distance.
The visceral form of roots spill down the bank at Melvern Lake.
A light rain creates circles in a feeder creek. Silver fallen leaves fill the edges.
A view up a gravel road is textured by falling rain. A caution sign marks the top of the hill.
Water reflections of a bare tree take on abstract shapes
The silhouetted form of the elevator that appeared in the movie, "Mars Attacks."
A deeply rutted dirt road in northwest Kansas leads toward passing supercell storm.
Limb and leaves over a Flint Hills stream
A rutted dirt country road passes under trees and cloudy sky
A sequence of flat stones lead into creek waters
Remnants of a stone fence in a sea of winter native grasses
The ghosted form a tree stands above plant textures.
Rough lumber-built cattle chute
An urban study in a KC back alley
Field of foxtail grass with limestone school building at top of hilll
Waders explore flood waters covering Highway 99
Dramatic clouds repeat the banded structure of Monument Rocks near Oakley.
A sycamore seed rests on detrius after a rain.
The appearance of a stoney trail descending into a Flint Hills ravine
A rustic outbuilding is framed by plow rows.
A vine framed tree trunk at forest edge with out of focus effects.
Retired milling equipment, Cedar Point
Retired milling equipment at Cedar Point
An old tree fills the space of an iron ring in which it was planted.